Scholarship Guidelines

Centralia High Alumni Legacy Scholarship
The goal of the Centralia High Alumni Legacy Scholarship is to support the continuing education of graduating seniors. This scholarship is made possible by the generous support of CHS Alumni. We are passionate about supporting Centralia High students and are committed to the long-term success of our scholarship fund.

Scholarship Amount: $500
Deadline: May 1

Application Criteria

  • Centralia High School graduating Senior
  • earning a minimum of a 2.5 GPA
  • planning to enroll or has enrolled at an accredited higher education institution (any post-secondary trade school, technical school or college, or two or four year college) in the fall or directly after graduation from high school

Selection Criteria
The Scholarship Committee will select individual scholarship recipients. They will base their decision on the applicant’s

  • individual determination to succeed
  • future goals and plans to achieve them
  • ability to communicate the hardships they have overcome or currently face
  • self-motivation in completing challenging coursework
  • pride in their community, school, family, etc.

Recipient Responsibilities
The graduate(s) selected must attend the CHS Alumni Banquet and thank the Alumni and explain what their future plans are.

The selected recipient(s) will be announced at the Academic Banquet. The scholarship money will then be sent directly to the students school of choice.

To apply:
Submit two letters of recommendations, one from a teacher and the other from an adult that knows you well. Neither letter can come from a relative.

Choose one of the following Essay Questions: 250 to 500 words

  1. If someone you meet 10 years from now asks where you are from, and they know about Centralia, how would THEY describe the type of person you are because of where you grew up/went to high school?
  2. How has your experience in the Centralia Schools community affected your life and how do you plan to incorporate that throughout the rest of your life?
  3. What you would do with $5,000 to support your local community?
Submit Your Scholarship Application